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Eleanor P. Boyden

My practice is an expressive meditative response on the world and humanity found within it. Like the many layers of our humanness, I create layers mirroring our individual state of life, both higher states alongside those that we seek to rise above.

Michael Grills

In my art, I explore how mythology relates to identity. I work with a variety of mediums, including digital, paint, watercolour, and found materials.

Wanru Kemp

I paint inspiration from my travels throughout Asia and Western Canada, and strive to capture the essence of each landscape I encounter through my paintings. My work is characterized by a blend of minimalism and fine art techniques, evoking a sense of stillness and inner peace while inspiring a profound appreciation for the natural world.

Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani

As a multidisciplinary artist and designer, I explore different approaches to making art. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, one thing remains my true inspiration—nature, and its infinite array of shapes, colors and textures. The natural world’s fruitfulness and its tendency to continuously grow and effortlessly evolve from one thing to another continues to fascinate me and has been my source of inspiration for many years.

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