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Eleanor P. Boyden



Eleanor P. Boyden (she/her), a Canadian artist born in Alberta, where the wide-open prairie skies ignited her artistic energy, has continued a visual arts practise for over 40 years. As she works across numerous mediums including paint, print, fibre, photography, and sculpture, Eleanor develops expressive meditative responses to the world and our humanity found within. Through the use of a diverse range of colours, abstracted patterns, and multiple layers of paint, Eleanor explores narratives of history, place, and our relationship with time.

Currently residing in Calgary, AB, Eleanor completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with Distinction from AUArts (formerly ACAD) in 2017. The value of Eleanor’s research and contribution of her artwork has been recognized through multiple awards and residencies. By engaging in her artistic practice, Eleanor continues to seek, question, ponder, and explore the mystery of the world around her, in the hopes of sharing a bit of wonderment and joy with the viewer.

You can find more of Eleanor’s work on her website www.eleanorboyden.com or find her on Instagram @eleanorboyden.

Artist Statement

My practice is an expressive meditative response on the world and humanity found within it. Like the many layers of our humanness, I create layers mirroring our individual state of life, both higher states alongside those that we seek to rise above. Within the work you can see some states represented are thin and bright while others are thick and bold. I find my process very intuitive, and I’m attracted to bright glorious neon colours.
My latest work comes from a more controlled state stemming from a series of line drawings.
While watching people engage with my work, I’m always struck by how they are moved physically. They turn their heads and arch their bodies to find the best entry point, sometimes walking so close to the canvas, their nose is a mere inch or two away, allowing themselves to be physically surrounded by my marks and colours. While other times they stand far back, taking in the entirety of the canvas.
Through my artistic practice I continue to seek, question, ponder, and explore the mystery of the world around me, in hope to share just a bit of the wonderment and joy with the viewer.

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