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Celebrating Our Backyard

Misty Ring’s paintings celebrate the natural beauty of Alberta. During this exhibition, Misty will regularly visit the ASA Gallery to work on a new painting — a Triptych featuring a landscape well-known to Calgarians. Drop in to meet the artist and watch the work come together!


Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani’s work aims to connect us to nature and its infinite array of shapes, colours, and textures. These mixed media sculptures and paintings are inspired by the fruitfulness and wildness of nature…

YEG Old Houses

Featuring the work of Albert artist, Aeris Osborne. Showing at the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton.

L’automatisme with a cultural identity

Michael Kiré’s “L’automatisme with a cultural identity” will be on display at the Central Library in Calgary this July. Kiré experiments with linguistic elements out of their usual context to prompt questions about appreciation and expression.

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