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Live Drawing: Hanfu Live Drawing July 30, 2022 @7PM

Join the Artists from the Asian Roots Trio Exhibition at the ASA Gallery for a LIVE Hanfu drawing session.
The ASA Gallery will also be open during the event.
Tickets for this event are REQUIRED to ensure adequate space.

Jack Blair

When Jack moved to England in 1966, his interest in photographic art blossomed. The visions of what he wanted to create finally became possible with digital photography when he could take what he saw in his subjects and develop that all the way to the final print.

Brian Zheng

Brian Zheng, an oil painting artist was born in Beijing China. As a child he was driven to become an artist and expended a great deal of effort to pursue this dream. He began his art career when he was 15, and studied with a well known professor at the Central University of Fine Art in China.