Calls for Submission




Under the Wire

In 1984 you see how things might have been with freedom of expression lost. It now seems that after two world wars we just managed “under the wire” to restore a society in which freedom can be openly expressed.

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Olivier Du Tre: New Work

For me, everything is black and white, but never lacking in passion. My approach could be best described as sophisticated minimalism, as I am always trying to simplify a scene to it’s core elements of light and lines.

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Frozen in Time

A juried group exhibition, “Frozen in Time” may refer to timelapse or still-frame inspired as in photography or separated from time as in the fragment of a dream or a fleeting memory of the past. Artists were asked to interpret the theme using any visual media.

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Artist’s Lens 2020

The Alberta Society of Artists invites all ASA Juried, Life & Associate Members and Members of the Public to participate in the exhibition, “The Artist’s Lens 2020”, coinciding with the Exposure Photo Festival, 2020 and on display at the Calgary Central Library and in Edmonton at University of Alberta Extensions Gallery.

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Into the Light

The Alberta Society of Artists invites all artists in Alberta (must be 18 years of age or older) to submit to the exhibition, “Into the Light.” A Provincial travelling exhibition, the theme follows the Alberta Society of Artist’s prior exhibition, “Nocturn” that celebrated darkness and was analogous to the statement by Francis Bacon: “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”

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