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Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani



Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She creates mixed media sculptures, ceramics, and acrylic paintings. She is also a graphic designer, specializing in digital, print, marketing, and packaging design. 

Predominantly inspired by nature and its infinite array of shapes, colours and textures, Nacim uses a variety of mediums and techniques in creating her artworks. As an avid animal lover, she is currently working on a series of animal paintings.

Nacim has a diverse professional background, and she holds three academic degrees in the field of art and design.

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist and designer, I explore different approaches to making art. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, one thing remains my true inspiration—nature, and its infinite array of shapes, colors and textures. The natural world’s fruitfulness and its tendency to continuously grow and effortlessly evolve from one thing to another continues to fascinate me and has been my source of inspiration for many years.

My Biomorphic sculpture series are inspired by the organic shapes of botanical elements and plants—specifically seed pods. The mixed media sculptures in this collection are the manifestations of natural organisms that are not easily identifiable, but quite familiar. While some of their features relate to nature, their unexpected characteristics definitely cease to imitate it. The meticulously executed details in my sculptures invite the viewer in for a closer inspection, establishing a sense of tranquility and connection to the nature.

My figurative sculpture series are the embodiment of the imaginary creatures that come from a place deep inside of my subconscious mind, reflecting my emotional and instinctive responses to the world around me, and creating a connection with the viewer in a very personal level. In designing these mixed media sculptures, I am guided by my emotions, the properties of the materials that I work with, and my vision. Oftentimes my creative process takes an unexpected turn when the artwork that I am working on assumes a life of its own, and a distinct personality that I hadn’t planned for from the start begins to shine through and guide my way.