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Urban Nature

The Alberta Society of Artists is pleased to present the group exhibition “Urban Nature” featuring the work of Contextural, a community of textile artists.


A solo exhibition featuring the work of Kimberly Jones, at the Alberta Society of Artists gallery in Calgary.
“SpEATchless”is a growing body of mixed media work that combines diorama and miniature artistry with food themes to create surreal scenes and vignettes meant to provoke introspection in the viewer about scale and size as well as our relationship with food and waste in modern North American culture.”

Mady Thiel-Kopstein

Mother Nature provides limitless inspiration!

Just imagine… a single petal that blends perfectly into the flower and that flower has it’s place in a field full of flowers and that field is part of a mountain pass and that mountain pass creates the deep valleys and high cirques of a mountain range and that range eventually melts into the openness of the wide prairie that has the field full of flowers. Then along comes a moose that eats that flower while a Raven picks at the buds in the deep grass…. I could go on.

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