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PAST: Urban Suprises

The theme “Urban Surprises”, leaves large open spaces for collective and individual interpretation. Working together, the vision becomes much larger and more varied than what one might suppose in the title. Limiting materials to a substrate of paper and then adding sculpture to the mix moves creativity in unforeseen directions.

Past: Dramatis Personae

A solo photography exhibition by E. Ross Bradley at the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.

PAST: Dimensions of Play

During Covid people were forced to find alternative ways to “work and play”. To retain life balance, individuals pursued different ways to experience joy and relieve loneliness. Various forms of play provided mechanisms that eased the melancholy of isolation and preserved our sense of self.

PAST: Calgary Floods (2013)

In June of 2013, southern Alberta experienced one of the worst floods in its history. In Calgary, the Bow and Elbow rivers burst their banks and spilled into downtown. In their strange tranquillity, these images capture a space transformed, reclaimed by nature, and ripe with theoretical prospects left unrealized. On the tenth anniversary of the flooding of southern Alberta

Closed: Call for Submissions: “2023 Artist’s Choice”

The ASA invites Juried and Life Members of the Alberta Society of Artists in good standing to submit one (1) artwork to the “2023 Artists Choice” exhibition taking place September and October 2023 at the ASA. in the Upper and Lower Galleries.

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