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PAST: Encore

A group exhibition by ASA Juried Members from the Edmonton area in the Walterdale Theatre


Sylvie Pinard’s, Rock Stars, exhibition draws a parallel between geological architecture and human society by using geode – a unique geological formation created by a layering process through time – as metaphor. Geodes reflect the chemical and physical conditions of the environment with their experiences and environment.

PAST: It’s About Time, Space & Place

“It’s About Time, Space & Place” is a small group exhibition of new paintings by Juried Members of the ASA; Debra Ward, Bonnie Scott, Mary Ann Wilson and Wanada Rottenfusser.

PAST: We Are Our Ancestry

“We Are Our Ancestry documents stages in my process, both painful and celebratory, of coming to understand my familial, cultural, and historical ancestral inheritances. What does it mean to be a contemporary Métis woman who is beginning the process of reconnecting to her lost culture?”

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