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We Are Our Ancestry

A Solo Exhibition Presented by:



Marilyn Langevin


Exhibition Dates

April 22, 2023 – 

June 12, 2023



TREX Hallway Gallery Alberta Society of Artists Galleries 222 – 1235 26 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1R7


We Are Our Ancestry documents stages in my process, both painful and celebratory, of coming to understand my familial, cultural, and historical ancestral inheritances. What does it mean to be a contemporary Métis woman who is beginning the process of reconnecting to her lost culture? This body of work tells a story that starts with my responses to learnings of events, both historical and recent, that are part of my DNA. I am intrigued with the influence of ancestral forces in our lives, in particular those of which we are often unaware. The exhibition ends with a celebration of a cultural practice that was ubiquitous in my grandmother’s life, lost to my mother’s life, and but now re-discovered in my life; a practice that, in its process, reconnects me to my ancestors and blesses me with a deep feeling of peace and contentment.

The Artist

Marilyn Langevin is an emerging multimedia artist based in amiskwacîwâskahikan -Edmonton. She engages in sculpture, contemporary glass beading, collage, painting, drawing, print, installation and film/video. Langevin graduated with a BFA from the University of Alberta in 2021. She has received awards from the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society, the Edmonton Arts Council, the Canada Art Council, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Her work has been shown locally and in Italy. Her current work explores her ancestral and cultural inheritances.

Check out Marilyn Langevin’s Instagram for more: @marilynlangevinart

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