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Morley Hollenberg

D. Phil., MD, ASA



Born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1942, I was educated in the Arts, Sciences and Medicine at the University of Manitoba, Oxford University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I have pursued a research and teaching career first at the Johns Hopkins Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics (1973-1979) and then at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine (1979 until present). From 1979-1989, I served as Department Head of the University of Calgary Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics. My research focus in the area of hormone action has been in the area of mechanisms of cell signalling and inflammation. In 1985, I developed a deep interest in Chinese Brushwork painting that has led to my artwork focus, which complements my science activity. Married in 1965, now with two children and two grandchildren, I continue to pursue my dual science and art career with the guidance of my long-time partner, Joan Omson Hollenberg.

Artist Statement

In 1985, with the guidance of Master Chin Shek Lam and input from his close friend and artist, Jack Wise, I began creating free–form calligraphy, which for me represents an ideal medium for the visual expression of Nature’s secrets. The movement and composition found in traditional Asian calligraphic characters form the foundation of the brushwork that I do. The brush strokes record visually, the dance created by muscle, sinews and bone, becoming a kind of ‘hologram’ containing both the shape and spirit of the images that capture my imagination. These images come from the natural environment that surrounds us and from the microscopic world that is the substrate of my scientific work. I find the vision of Nature expressed by my brushwork to reflect and complement my scientific understanding of the world.

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