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Debra Hovestad



Debra Hovestad is a Canadian painter currently creating in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a Juried Member of the Alberta Society of Artists, General Member of the Society of Western Canadian Artists, and currently serves as Councillor at Large at the Alberta Society of Artists. Debra has shown her work in gallery spaces professionally since 1990, and her work is in collections across Canada, the US, Australia, Europe and Mexico. Her background in Graphic Design has given her a solid base in layout and composition, and adds to an already keen eye for detail.

Her current body of work depicting unique prairie and skyscapes brings attention to the world outside, a concept which seems to be lost at times in this busy chaotic world; a place to be in and appreciate, rather than a place to consume. ​

Artist Statement

In my paintings, I try to capture the mood just before, or just after an event. Be it a thunderstorm, a heavy wind, or just a cloud passing overhead. Some of my works are from life, but the majority are improvisational, inspired from nature, with the final painting often being a surprise.

You can be anywhere to see the sky, and it’s combinations are endless. Living in Alberta has given me many opportunities to explore it’s vastness and beauty.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to the natural world and I find great inspiration in the vast prairies, and high contrasts such as the intensity of the prairie heat or the biting winter winds. My paintings generally evolve layer upon layer through random and controlled processes; emphasizing form that reveal the depth and life​ of a landscape. The majority of my work is from my imagination; places I would rather be.

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