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PAST: Beyond Wabi Sabi

A solo exhibition featuring the work of Alberta artist Mary Whale, ASA, at the Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton Alberta.
“The term Wabi Sabi connotes such qualities as impermanence​, humility, asymmetry and imperfection in things. The way we, as people, age is not unlike that of a revered piece of pottery that has survived the ravages of use; the cracks to be filled with gold. The ‘beauty of use’ can be witnessed in old people; the patina, the textures, and the incredible lines.”

Fifty Years of Making an Impression

Fifty Years of Making an Impression A Group Exhibition of Print Works  Artists ELIZABETH ‘LIZ’ ALLEN ANTONIA ‘ANDIE’ WICHERTS CAROLE BONDAROFF STAN PHELPS  Exhibition Dates July 1 – 31, 2022    Venue Calgary Central Libray 800 3...
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