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YEG Old Houses

Featuring the work of Albert artist, Aeris Osborne. Showing at the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton.

L’automatisme with a cultural identity

Michael Kiré’s “L’automatisme with a cultural identity” will be on display at the Central Library in Calgary this July. Kiré experiments with linguistic elements out of their usual context to prompt questions about appreciation and expression.

Through Those Trees

The new TREX SW Hallway Gallery is excited to be hosting its first Exhibition, “Through Those Trees” by Halie Finney. 

This exhibition is one of the many Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ (AFA) Traveling Exhibition (TREX) Southwest (SW) program. The Alberta Society of Artists (ASA) is proud to host TREX SW program and is excited to welcome the display of their exhibitions in the ASA Galleries. Learn more about TREX SW HERE, and learn more about “Through Those Trees” HERE.


“GENerativeART: Algorithms as Artistic Tool” a presentation by Dr. James R. Parker.

Generative art is the art of the algorithm where artists must carefully design the nature of their work, and then implement it as a computer program. He posits that computational tools can be used to augment and express human imagination. And, of course, it is fun. As Dr. Parker states “If you are not having fun then you are doing it wrong”.

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