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Holiday Fundraiser 2020

Holiday Fundraiser 2020 Alberta Society Of Artists HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER 2020 Enjoy this sampling of artworks that are available for purchase during The Alberta Society Of Artist’s Holiday Fundraiser 2020.   MORE TO SEE  as donated artworks are dropped off by...

Honourary Associate Info

Honourary Associate Member Info Angela Bugera, Bugera Matheson Gallery, Edmonton AB The Bugera Matheson Gallery (formerly Agnes Bugera Gallery) opened in 1992 and has since been representing an excellent group of established and emerging Canadian artists. The gallery...

Artists Choice 2020

The Alberta Society of Artists invited all Juried Members to submit to the exhibition, The Artists’ Choice 2020. This annual open-themed exhibition highlights the strengths and interests of the individual artists of the ASA.

The Artists Lens 2020

Within the context of Exposure Festival, we stretched the rules, requesting submissions that related to either the purposeful concept of overexposure or the purposeful concept of underexposure.

Frozen In Time

The Call for Submissions went out to all Alberta artists: “Open to interpretation; the emphasis is on stillness either literally or formally. It may be time – lapse or still frame inspired as in photography or separated from time as in the fragment of a dream or a fleeting memory of the past. Geological and fossilized stratification could also be of interest both in terms of painting or sculpture.”