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YEG Old Houses

Featuring the work of Albert artist, Aeris Osborne. Showing at the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton.

L’automatisme with a cultural identity

Michael Kiré’s “L’automatisme with a cultural identity” will be on display at the Central Library in Calgary this July. Kiré experiments with linguistic elements out of their usual context to prompt questions about appreciation and expression.

Two Views

Featuring the work of Pam Wilman and Marla Schole. Showing at the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton.

Urban Nature

The Alberta Society of Artists is pleased to present the group exhibition “Urban Nature” featuring the work of Contextural, a community of textile artists.


A solo exhibition featuring the work of Kimberly Jones, at the Alberta Society of Artists gallery in Calgary.
“SpEATchless”is a growing body of mixed media work that combines diorama and miniature artistry with food themes to create surreal scenes and vignettes meant to provoke introspection in the viewer about scale and size as well as our relationship with food and waste in modern North American culture.”

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