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Animating the Spirit

A Solo Exhibition of:




Exhibition Dates

October 1 – 31, 2022



Calgary Central Libray

800 3 St SE,

Calgary, AB

T2G 2E7

Image provided by the artist.


A visual art practice built on ‘Animating the Spirit’…

I embark on a scavenger hunt through a personal and cultural memory of headlines, magazine images, photos, ephemera collected from the bottoms of drawers, remnants of nature, stamps and stencils, which is textured, coloured, glued, torn, or over-painted.

The sum of it is considered with the undertones of symbol and metaphor, politics, science, anthropology and futurism. The art pieces reflect my interest in experimenting with ideas, materials and techniques. They also embody my enduring curiosity about the world we live in – looking for the human motivation or the systemic history for why things are the way they are, and how they might change, or might not.

In my quest to understand, I explore, at a Luddite level, all sorts of ‘Intelligence’. From the principle of Minkowski Space, (a four-dimensional continuum that joins, in a mathematical model, space and time) to the notion of a cube map. These discoveries are interpreted in the art pieces either before, during or after creation. I share them in the hopes of galvanizing others to wonder too.

About the Artist: Wendy Passmore-Godfrey

The work of Calgary-based artist, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, BFA, (pre-digital photography) encompasses many genres. She combines her theatrical experience as Artistic Director of W.P. Puppet Theatre Society with multi-media, sculpture and mixed-media visual arts. Her enduring curiousity spans the wonder of science, the whimsy of humanity and the intrigue of futurism.

Her detailed artwork is narrative based and metaphorical. It is informed by her creation, performance and touring of over twenty puppet theatre productions nationally and overseas. She experiments with the idea that her artwork is a stage awaiting its actors or a latent performer itself, awaiting animation by the viewer’s imagination.

In her emerging visual art practice, her work has been displayed in juried group exhibits at the Leighton Centre, Alberta Society of Artists, Loft 112, Pulp Paper Pages, Art of The Book, Alberta Craft Council, and the Hanji Paper Exhibit in South Korea.

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