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© Yvonne DuBourdieu Drawn By A Sullen Mist

Yvonne DuBourdieu



Yvonne was born in Scotland. She grew up in a small village in Stirlingshire and spent most of her young adult life in Glasgow, she moved to Edmonton in 1990. A documentary filmmaker for most of her life she now splits her time behind the camera and in the studio. Her films have aired nationally on television and screened at film festivals across North America. Many of her films have art, artists and disability art as a central subject. Her visual artwork shows regularly in Alberta.

Yvonne studied photography at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing, drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art, and graduated in 2016 in Fine Art from the University of Alberta Extension program with distinction. She is an active member of FCA, ASA, EAC, SNAP, CARFAC Alberta and Harcourt House Artist Run Centre where she maintains her studio practice. Yvonne has three grown children and lives in Edmonton with her partner.

Artist Statement

Yvonne is a contemporary expressionist painter working mostly in oil. Through her art practice she deconstructs, rebuilds or reinvents the everyday through photographs, memory and imagination. Many of her paintings are landscape based with a number of them harking back to memories of her Scottish roots. Yvonne uses marks of realism, impressionism and abstraction to form the subjects that populate her works: landscapes, birds, animals and humans. Always interested in the humanness of imperfection and things ‘other’ she continues to explore a sense of place and themes of belonging – often embracing an unexpected world of illusory spaces and imagined realms.

Yvonne is influenced by artists that use the expressive language of colour and line. From Cezanne, Manet, Matisse; the Scottish colourists Ferguson, Cadell, Peploe; the neo-experssionists, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Edinburgh artist John Bellany, thru to contemporary artists like Hurvin Anderson, Michael Armitage, Peter Doig, Sean Caulfield, Julian Forrest, Samantha Walrod and Gillian Willans.

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