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Tammy Woolgar



Tammy Woolgar loves travelling the world in search of artistic inspiration.  Essentially self-taught, she started painting seriously after her first trip to Europe in 1990.  She is inspired by colour and light, movement and textures, natural forms contrasting against manmade objects and the interplay between them.  Her paintings emerge from places she has experienced.  Whether it’s majestic trees rising from the earth to embrace the sun, Muskoka chairs in a colourful garden, rusty trucks standing in a row in a sunlit field, or sunflowers basking against an Alberta summer sky, Tammy sees that the objects are alive and each have their own character.  Colours burst on the canvas in thick, textured brushstrokes.  An impression is captured; her vision expressed. 

Permanent collections featuring her work include the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the University of Alberta & Stollery Children’s Hospitals, the Capital Care Group, the Don Wheaton Family YMCA, Qualico Commercial, First Canadian Insurance Group and numerous private collections across Canada.

Artist Statement

We all experience this world in our own unique way. The viewer brings their special vision to my paintings, looking at them from their reality. I want the viewer to look at my work and have it evoke a mood or memory in them. I want the dialogue between the viewer and the painting to flow so they can tell each other their story.

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