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© Sharon Lensen Rhythm in Colour

Sharon Lensen



Sharon graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Alberta University of the Arts in 1999. She was juried into the ASA in 2000.

After graduating she devoted her time to creating art work, showing and selling work throughout the province and beyond, maintaining a studio at the Burns Visual Arts Society for many years. As it will, life went ziggy zag with many challenges and changes that meant taking on full time work outside of her arts practise.

Sharon has happily returned to art making in 2020.

Artist Statement

Sharon has been focused on painting the human form. She is fascinated with figurative art. Her aim is to capture the essence of who we are and what is important to us through observations of what we enjoy – such as music and dance. Her greatest source of imagery has come from the very talented dancers of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and local musicians. Her exploration of this inspirational connection between the visual and performing arts has led her to the studios and stages of dance and the dark clubs around town to catch performers in action. Keeping alive those fluid movements, the sounds and atmosphere – the sensual celebration of life in those performances inspires her work.