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Wanda Rottenfusser



Wanda was born and raised in central Alberta and moved to Calgary to pursue a University education. In her first year she took an Art History survey course and fell in love with art. When an opportunity arose to study art history in Italy she leapt at the chance and her future course was charted. She completed her B.Ed (Art History) in 1974 at the University of Calgary.

Over the next years frequent trips to the major art centers (New York, Paris and London) cemented her love for painting, in particular painting the figure. In the 1980s she returned to the University of Calgary earning a B.F.A. (Painting) in 1989.

Wanda supplements her art training with relevant workshops and draws and paints the figure from life weekly. Wanda’s work can be found in public and private collections, nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the human narrative – the interaction between people, places and things. I love to create stories to explain what I see, and the canvas becomes a stage where the stories are acted out. I begin with an idea or image that intrigues me and approach the narrative much like one would write a novel. Who is the main character (or characters), what are they doing and why? What supporting characters and symbols are required to complete the narrative? The supporting characters can often be animals who add another layer of meaning to the work.

I typically work in series. An example is The Blueridge Myths which explores the hero’s journey (everyman) from cradle to grave. This series is divided into twelve stages of life based on my observations and experiences (real and imagined).

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