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Lisa Thomson



Inspired by the Impressionists, Lisa injects brilliant light into her paintings and uses vibrant colors. Her parents introduced her, from an early age, to appreciate the grandeur of nature. Using primarily oils, Lisa strives to capture nature’s beauty on canvas, using the subtleties of light as a dominant theme.

In her paintings, Lisa captures the essence of natural life – the power of the mountains, the grand vistas of the prairies, playful colors in gardens and the peacefulness of water. Photography is another of Lisa’s passions, and she often uses her camera to capture the scenes that she paints.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Lisa is an avid skier, runner and swimmer, enjoying activities in the mountains and at Sylvan Lake.

Lisa’s work is held in public and private collections in Canada, China, France, Israel, Scotland and the United States.

Artist Statement

Standing on a mountain top watching the sun rise, witnessing storms build over the prairies, enjoying reflections on the water while kayaking at Sylvan Lake – my paintings are inspired by the beauty of the world around me. I feel very fortunate to live in Alberta, surrounded by diverse, breathtaking landscapes.

Painting is an all-consuming part of my life. My pieces are formulated before I even reach for a brush – during the course of my everyday routine. I typically capture an image with my camera, and then my mind reflects on the scene in the pool, on a run, driving around the city. I examine the trees as they go by, the sky, light at different times of the day, and the colors in the world surrounding me.

When it comes time to do the physical painting, I lose myself in space and time. When I finally “come to”, I look at the finished painting, and wonder “Did I do that?” My best paintings are those that flow onto the canvas in a single session and seem almost effortless. These don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s magic.

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