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Sharon Thompson



Sharon Thompson was born and raised near Peterborough Ontario. She attended the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at Queens University as a mature student, while raising three children. She graduated with a First Class Honours degree. She has traveled extensively, and has lived in Wellington, New Zealand, Brighton, UK, and in Seattle, USA. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.

Artist Statement

My paintings are a creative interpretation and exploration of a spirituality centred on the knowing of space and light. They seek to create an experiential awareness and thereby directly focus on the reality that all our doing obsession with things is permeated with light and embraced by space. This awareness is direct, intuitive, somatic and unrelated to accumulated knowledge.

The practices of Zen meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga have been instrumental in moving my painting from the primacy of form to the primacy of light and space. This latter is the opposite of the traditional view of painting in which form takes centre stage with space and light as its support.

With this primacy of space and light, the paintings arrive at a stillness, a pure experience of being.