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© Jean Blackall Crowsnest Winter Morning Acrylic

Jean K. Blackall



Bachelor of General Studies, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada 1999
Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC. (life drawing, watercolour etc.) 1990-1993
H.B.Beal Technical School, London, Ontario (bealart – post Grade 12 course in Fine Arts (Life Drawing, Sculpture, Painting) September 1962 to October 1963

Capilano College, North Vancouver, B.C. – Life Drawing, 1990, 1991
1999 – Watercolour Monoprint, Northern College, Timmins, Ont; 2000 – Artist’s Week of Shared Techniques, Cobalt, Ontario; 2004 – Acrylic Collage, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC; 2005 – Acrylic Collage II, Federation of Canadian Artists, (Ibid); 2006– Primary Colour Study , Barbara Amos – Allied Arts, Crowsnest Pass, AB; 2007 –Tertiary Colours, Barbara Amos – Allied Arts, Crowsnest Pass, AB; 2009 — The Built Environment, Jeanne Krabbendam, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC.(1 week course)

Blackall traveled and painted in the Middle East for two years prior to retiring in Southwest Alberta. She continues plien air painting and studio collage work. Her
work is part of personal and corporate collections in Canada, U.S.A. And South Africa as well as part of the personal collection of Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki of Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Blackall was awarded “Jury’s Choice Award” and “People’s Choice Award” at the 2001 Canadian Artist Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2001 by Jury, to Active Status in the Federation of Canadian Artists.
2008 by Jury, to full membership of the Alberta Society of Artists.

Artist Statement

At the age of 76, I find my inspiration to paint in Nature. The power of the natural world does not change. It grows stronger the more we consider its vulnerability and the cost of our consumer society.

When I stand in the dawn and watch the mist rising as ghosts of this small planet, I listen to the call of the birds and I am wrapped in wonder. How do you paint birdsong and mist, how do you paint the emotions that grow and hold you in wilderness areas. This is the present preoccupation and challenge of my brush. I move back and forth between abstract expression and glimpses of realism in my work.

When we travel, which we do often, I always take my travel-pack of watercolours, brushes and small watercolour tablets. Anything that catches my eye can be “sketched” in a half-hour. These small watercolours go home with me and often become the inspiration for larger pieces in either watercolour or acrylic.

From the aggressive rocks of the mountains to the soft blend of a lakeside environment, I feel called to express the magic of our earth. There is a spirituality in remaining in place with fixed concentration to enable the hand to move over the paper or canvas. It is a creative connection with the power that birthed the universe. The energy accepted feeds my whole being. The work I produce is my small way to give back because God has provided so many blessings in my life.

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