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© Grant Berg Bear Hill Spruce

Grant Berg



Grant Berg is a Grande Prairie based Métis artist with a strong focus on sculpture. As a child Grant was very close to his Cree grandmother, Grant would help her create crafts to sell at the farmers market to supplement her income.  A favorite was taking pieces of driftwood and creating a landscape piece by attaching a tree and animal to create a scene. 40 years later Grant uses stone, antler and wood to create his landscapes on a much larger scale.  The sculpture taps into the spirit of all of his ancestors, European and Indigenous using Group of Seven forms and styles and adding an Indigenous energy to the piece. Abstract animals can often be found in the bases and the trees regularly have a female form to represent not only Mother Nature but also as a tribute to his Grandma. While primarily known as a sculptor, Grant loves to explore all forms of art and expression. 

Artist Statement

Find a medium and style that is true and unique to you and explore it with passion.  Critics may disregard it but if it is true to you and lights your soul, that’s what truly matters. 

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