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Gregory Pyra



I hold two graduate degrees in art and educational administration, and have been a practicing artist for much of my life. I also have taught art at all levels in a secondary school at Hanna, AB.

Artist Statement

Once life is viewed as a continuum, then the artist’s perspective changes. As a continuum, there is a past, a present, and a future; the artist’s chal- lenge is to merge those into a single statement, the painting. This contin- uum is exemplified in a tiny seed that grows into a massive and towering tree, then falls and is absorbed into the soil. On a larger scale, the same tree is influenced by day and night, the rotation of the earth, the seasons and the annual orbit of the earth around the sun.

If life is a continuum rooted in immense, inexorable forces, then I am part of a continuum. As an image in my painting emerges, I envision myself as a channel for a universal energy. Through this present series of abstract works, a sense of forward, rotational energy has become more prominent. The works themselves have also become intensive explorations of my inner life or intuitive self.

The physical world matters less because it is in a constant state of change and disintegration. A stream changes direction and intensity; it may not even exist from season to season. The inner life remains; it is dynamic, emboldening, and the source of powerful renewal. Consequently, it gives intensity to my search. A search for regeneration and renewal is the object of each painting; I intend that I and the viewers are recipients of this renewal.

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