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Rosy Chan



Rosy Chan was born in 1963 in Hong Kong and went to a Catholic nun’s school until seventeen. Being a problematic child with poor grades in school, she went on to make her own living in the financial services industry after graduated from high school.

Rosy lost her job in 2008 during the financial tsunami and decided to follow her interest in art making. After getting a Professional Diploma in Jewellery Design in 2010 and a Professional Diploma in Visual Arts Appreciation and Art-making in Baptist University Hong Kong, she then decided to pursue a degree in fine arts and joined RMIT in 2012. She moved to Calgary in 2014, and graduated from University of Calgary in 2018 MFA.

Artist Statement

My work is dealing with the sense of displace when no longer belong to any home. My research seeks out the problems regarding the relationship between places and identity. Through the eyes of a displaced person, I show a shift in identity through time, place, and/or human interventions. Our identity shifts as we migrate from place to place, and no longer becomes permanent. Ever-shifting identities and subjectivity, combining with ever-shifting memories create a different set of values and beliefs – the value of emptiness and ambiguity, the belief of relativity and ephemerality. Our identity may become void, as we continuously reconstruct our memories; question and deny our existence.