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Deborah Catton



Deborah is an Alberta based artist, formally trained in Studio Art. Her work has been exhibited throughout Canada and Internationally in Europe. She has continued to explore deeper into her process by participating in numerous artist residencies in Ottawa, Iceland, Paris and Spain.

In the early years she began working with the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation, Cultural Services department as an Art program developer and instructor.

Over the years Deborah has served on the Alberta Society of Artists board of Directors , The Woman’s Art Museum board of Directors as well as being a member with several local art associations.

Artist Statement

To give expression to my inner thoughts feelings and emotions while constantly exploring the world around me is what my art is about. I work in a completely intuitive way, whether I am painting, photographing or engaged in creating a sculpture piece, The content is determined in the moment of creation.

My paintings are abstract explorations, filled with layers of bright color, organic shape, and sometimes texture. Through the photograph I look for line, shape, and contrasts captured in an intuitive composition that explores the relationship of me the observer to other things within time, space and energy.

My sculpture pieces are made from natural materials and have a softness to them that is reflective of my respect for the materials which are innocent to how I will work with them. I prefer to allow the materials to dictate the shape and form by allowing them to move in their natural way which means nothing is perfectly symmetrical, each has an organic appearance.