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© Robert Chelmick Flying Colours Ornithoptera Croesus

Robert Chelmick



Born: Edmonton, 1949. Brought up in Alberta and Ontario.
Education: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (1970).
Work: broadcaster (CKUA Radio, CKX TV (Brandon), CBC Calgary, CFRN Edmonton, CBC Edmonton, CKUA, Edmonton). Producer/host, ‘The Road Home’ (CKUA, www.roadhome.fm), 2002 to present. Independent film maker.

Solo exhibitions: The Closer You Get (New Visions Gallery, 1987), Closer Still (Folio Gallery, 1988), Pictures of Things That Never Were (The Works, 1990),
Flying Colours (R.A.M.-1991, Medicine Hat Art Gallery-1992, Canadian Nature Museum -1992, Capitol Hill Rotunda, Washington, DC-1994, Nova Scotia Museum-1994, Art Gallery of Algoma-1995, R.O.M-1995, Cultural Property Export Review Board designated ‘nationally significant ‘-1997.
The Joy Project (MacMullen Gallery, 1999) (Cultural Property Export Review Board designated ‘nationally significant’, 2000). Wild Things (V.A.A.A. Gallery, 2008)

Artist Statement

I make photographic images that express a point of view fired by an interest in exploring how light falls and is reflected. Yes, that could be said of every artist with a camera. Through this basic curiosity, my approach has been to see how the impact of viewing a subject can be enlivened by composition, proximity, perspective, and, occasionally, post-camera changes and image combining. The capturing phase of my work has been achieved with everything from large format film cameras to iPhones. One body of work (‘Wild Things’, VAAA Gallery, 2008) was made without a camera at all, unless you count a scanner as a camera. ‘The Joy Project’ (McMullen Gallery, 1995) included mixed media elements, (acrylic paint, barn wood and 3-D sculptural forms). Whatever works in service of deepening the viewers experience.

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