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Renu Mathew



Renu Mathew’s sculptural work is an intricate study of human nature and body language.

Mathew’s focussed on sculptural work at the University of Calgary completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997. She then pursued an Education degree and has been teaching secondary art since 2000. During this time Mathew’s has been continually working on her own body of work and exploration of the human form.

Mimicking texture and form easily , clay is the ideal media for expressive anatomical sculpture. It allows Mathew’s to use surface and colour to convey emotion in her sculptural work. Mathew’s strives to manipulate the clay to capture a person’s spirit, attitude and general disposition.

Artist Statement

Sitting in a food court and people watching is always a favourite pastime. Clothing choices, the way people walk , hairstyles, stance, faces and body shapes are all inspiring. Imagining personalities that match the exterior is often not difficult. As judgmental beings, inspiration can be found anywhere from the comedic to the melancholic.

Ceramics has proven to be the medium of choice to capture the sculpture’s persona’s. Layering glazes and using patinas allows for the textures to come alive and create depth in the work. The viewer instantly establishes a connection with the work and can recognize the emotion the sculpture relays.
Colour and texture are key components utilized to communicate with the viewer and convey emotion.