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Ray Swirsky



Ray Swirsky is an emerging artist having only begun his painting career in 2014. He works exclusively with oils and likes to create works ranging between abstract realism to realism. Primarily producing works of landscapes, wildlife, or a combination of both, he creates scenes using light and value to create depth and atmosphere in his compositions. You will often see a variety of other subject matter in his portfolio as he pushes himself using the same set of fundamentals to create paintings of unfamiliar and new subject matter as a method of advancing his techniques and understanding of how oils can be used. Ray tends to follow the same process in all of his creations starting first with a loose sketching of the composition, and then working in large blocks refining values, contrast and intensity before moving into detail within each large block. The result is seen in the depth and atmosphere that shows in all of his works.

Artist Statement

I like to create scenes that have a sense of depth and atmosphere. Wether a large bison crossing the prairies or a majestic waterfall in the Rockies, I’m always looking for that something unique in each piece that will separate my work from the norm, allowing that special connection to my piece to be made.