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Pauly Wong



Pauly Wong graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnical College in Commercial and Industrial Design. She took post-graduate studies in Advertising Art at Alberta College of Art in Calgary. She had held the post of graphic designer at the University of Alberta for thirty years, from 1972-2002.

In 1981, she returned to Hong Kong to study watercolor under Master Chao Shao-on , the leading master of the Ling-nan school of Art. After completing one year of Intensive study, she began to develop a combination of Oriental and Western watercolor style. Today, her subjects are free flying birds, insects, swimming fish, waving grass, flowers and mountain mist.

 In addition to other both private and public, she was commissioned by the Cancer Control Agency of British Columbia and Pentagone Pharm Inc. of Montreal.


Artist Statement

The creative forces of the universe are constantly at work making this world a beautiful one, to be a human, it is a meaningful and wonderful existence being is able to appreciate in the creative process. The delicate and tender aspects of the creative expression of
nature always intrigue and inspire me. In my work, I like to convey in a limited way, the vibrancy of life generated by the creative forces of the universe. The free flying birds in the sky, the smiling flowers, the waving grass, the distant mountain mist, always stir my
sentiment. In gratitude I dedicate my art to nature.

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