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Pamela Copeland



Born in Vancouver but raised in Alberta, nature and art have always been close at hand for Pamela. School projects, drawings, creative projects and a love of the outdoors and all animals in it, were a part of life for as long as she can recall.

In 2000, an opportunity arose for Pam to enrol in a chalk pastel class with the Extension Department of the University of Alberta. She fell in love with the lush colors and tactile nature of chalk pastels and returned for a few more classes with instructor, Ron Wigglesworth. She was fortunate enough to have Ron take her under his wing and mentor her, not only in chalk pastels but in printmaking as well. With such new experiences and mediums to try, Pamela began experimenting with acrylics as well. She continues to refine her pastel skills while branching out in acrylics, oils, printmaking and drawing. Her subject matter is wide and varying. Forays into abstract forms have opened new doors of expression and excitement. Nature continues to be a main love for Pamela both artistically and in her life.

Artist Statement

The world is a cornucopia of artistic delights to me. Everywhere I look, I see things, spaces and moods to explore and interpret. I am drawn to nature from the tiny and minute to the sprawling vista and all stops in between. Yet, capturing that “it” factor while creating portraiture both fulfills and excites me! The many moods of still life have enthralled me and called to me. There is so much to take in and to be inspired by…and only so much time! For whatever work I do, there has been a vision, a feeling or an internal pull that has taken root in my heart and my head and will not leave me alone until I succumb to it’s seduction and lose myself in the piece that I “draw” out of my hands. When it works, my soul sings….when it doesn’t, I pocket the lesson learned and move on, either to try again or do something new. Either way, whether I capture viewers and entice them to my world for a moment or whether I create something that allows many interpretations, I am forever grateful to be blessed with those “internal pulls” that continue to lure me time and time again….
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