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© Marina Klein

Marina Klein



Multi Artist Shows

A Canadian Collection ‘86
An Evening on the Orient Express (ACA Alumni show) A Canadian Collection ‘87 1987
An Evening in Paris (ACA Alumni show) 1987
Kalef-Halpin Fine Art Show 1987
Kalef-Halpin Fine Art Show 1996
Art Walk ’98 Red Deer (ASA) 1997
Art Walk ’98 Calgary (ASA) 1998
Art Walk ’99 Calgary (ASA 1999
Art Walk- “Artists’ Choice- The Best of 2007” (ASA) 2007

Solo Shows

“Pathways”, Lebel Mansion Gallery, Pincher Creek, AB Dec 14, 1998 – Jan 9, 1999
Akokiniskway Gallery, Rosebud, AB Jun 2, 2006 – Sep 2, 2006


Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
Diploma in Visual Arts
1976-1978, 1979-1981
Epsom School of Art and Design, Epsom, England
Srudy abroad in English classical painting
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Faculty of Fine Arts, study in painting and art.

Artist Statement

I did not choose to be an artist, and like so many others my life was interrupted by children, family issues and now even grandchildren. Like so many others, I am never happy with my choice, my art, my sense of achievement. Like so many others, I am always compelled to return to the easel to try once more to follow in the footsteps of the giants who walked this path before me. Can anyone look at the “The Waterlily Pond” and not see what Monet saw? Can anyone gaze at “The Starry Night” and not feel a hint of the pain that created and then destroyed genius? So those are my influences – my life and the brilliance of the great impressionists. I may never reach as far, but the journey, so often lost along the way, will always return me to the path I was forced onto.

Rosebud. A little hamlet turned into a landmark by one person with an idea. A nice dinner, a fabulous play and my paintings on the walls of a beautiful old church. That was my favorite work and now here are three paintings from that show.

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