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Barbara Kreutter



Barb Kreutter is a Canadian artist who began her career as a textile designer after graduating with a M.F.A. from R.I.T. in New York.

She has recently discovered the abstract expressionist world of photography, creating images that enable her to explore her lifelong love of colour, texture and form. Barb has been successful in having her work juried into shows in the UK, US and Canada as well being accepted for publication in the abstract art journal, Artfolio 2022.

Artist Statement

Barb’s practice as an artist is focused on expressionistic abstract images. She focuses on how the environment in front of her makes her feel and less on documenting what she is seeing. To create her work, she uses the software found within her camera in conjunction with creative processing of the image to share her vision of the beauty that can be found in the Alberta Prairies.