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Blanca Botero-Fuentes



I live and have a studio in the lovely foothills of the Rockies, near the village of Longview, Alberta, Canada. Born in Pamplona, Spain and educated in Canada, I am firm believer in lifelong learning. My art teachers have been the masters such as Velazquez at El Prado, Rothko at the Guggenheim, Riopelle, Carr and Botero at the Glenbow, as well as all my fellow artists working today. I learn from all of them. In addition I have taken numerous workshops with well-known contemporary artists and teachers such as Baspaly, Brommer, Bagby and Burridge among many others. I treasure my art library which I consider invaluable in my development as an artist.


Artist Statement

Although I like to work in series, usually exploring an idea or theme which lends itself to semi-abstraction, my current work is about the process of building an image through mixed media which includes hand painted papers. I prepare these by layering paint, drawing and stamping on each, which results in rich color and texture.  At the time I am doing this I have no idea of how or where I will use them.  Sometimes I have a subject in mind, whether landscape, still life, animals or abstraction, and other times the paper itself will suggest a subject. In addition I will paint or draw directly onto the canvas. The process is endlessly interesting and challenging as the painting evolves. I hope through working my way through this form-building puzzle I will in the end surprise the viewer’s eye with unexpected colors, patterns and textures, while keeping in mind the importance of excellent design to the painting as a whole.


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