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© Dawn Heinemeyer State of the Art IX

Dawn Heinemeyer



Whether it is windows, rural farms, time-worn cowboys, or a single flower, Dawn Heinemeyer gives a close up of what is often walked by and overlooked. A glimpse into a simple beauty of all that surrounds us.

Born in Montreal and raised in Calgary, she spent countless hours drawing during her childhood. She also spent many summers on a rural farm in Saskatchewan where derelict buildings and machinery along with the quiet solitude of the open prairie began to shape her life-long love of rural life and landscapes. It wasn’t until 1992 that Dawn decided to take up watercolors. Being self-taught has given her work a certain freshness and vitality. Her unique style and intense detail gives her watercolors a new dimension.

Since Dawn began painting, she has enjoyed much success by winning many awards and competitions. Her work is displayed across much of Canada, United States and Europe both publicly and privately. She lives with her family in Calgary near Fish Creek Park where the ever-changing presence of nature is a constant inspiration to her and her work.

Artist Statement

I approach my art like a study – studying the light, shadow, the myriad of colours and textures. Because of my drafting background, I often look at a subject from a structural or architectural perspective. I then begin the process of glazing colours to create the depth, drama and reflective qualities I strive for.