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Carney Oudendag



My formal art education began in the early 70’s at the Alberta College of Art (now ACAD). I then transferred to the University of Calgary and UBC, ultimately attaining a Bachelor of Education with a major in art. I invest in quality art workshops with artists I admire, not only to sharpen my skills and knowledge, but to freshen my work and practice. As a regular art instructor I find I am also challenged and awed by my students who are in varying stages of ‘becoming’. There is something very satisfying for me in enabling others to have creative experiences.

Some recent highlights of things in my life that are ‘art related’ are: becoming a Full member of the ASA, having work juried and accepted into themed shows, an opportunity to be an Artist in Residence for Calgary 2012 (Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium host) and an arts and culture trip to New York. My practice is primarily with collage and mixed media. Paper ‘scraps’, found objects and just the physical act of tearing and meditatively placing paper into my   compositions, has a mesmerizing effect. I often begin in a vague and random manner and take my work to a semi-representational piece. Other media like   graphite, oil pastel, liquid acrylics and found texture materials make their way into my works. It is often said that collage artists bring “order out of chaos.” I now make my home in Kelowna, BC where I am teaching classes at the Kelowna Art Gallery and volunteering with the Lake Country Art Walk.


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