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CLOSED: Call for Submissions: The Artist’s Lens 2023 – Body (CLOSES: November 14, 2023)

This Exhibition is open to all Alberta Artists over the age of 18 and is limited to photographic artworks.

Use the form below to submit your submissions to the “The Artist’s Lens 2024 – Body” Exhibition. This call will be open until November 14, 2023. You can view the Prospectus through the button on the right.

Please ensure to read the Prospectus thoroughly, as incomplete or incorrectly filled submissions will not be accepted.

We ask Artists to submit works that delve into the multifaceted theme of “Body.” This theme takes on a myriad of forms, mirroring the boundless expanse of imagination that you can capture through a photographic lens. Let the following statements inspire and guide you:


Picture, if you will, the serene embrace of a ‘Body of Water.’ It ripples with liquid secrets, a reflective mirror of the world above, and yet, a universe unto itself. 


You may wish to journey into the realm of a ‘Body of Work’; through your lens, convey the sweat, tears, and euphoria that accompany the artistic process, weaving together moments frozen in time, a testament to dedication and passion.


The human ‘Body,’ a vessel of emotions and experiences, offers a canvas like no other. Capture the elegance of its form, the stories etched in its lines, and the emotions concealed within its gaze.


Concepts of ‘Nobody’ or ‘Somebody,’ explore the absence or presence of a subject, the interplay of light and shadow, the mysteries of anonymity, and the allure of identity become aspects of your images. 


Find ways to embody the theme in your submitted works, using the Artist Statement as a chance to elaborate upon this connection. 


Having trouble with the form? Video a demo video of how to use this form HERE!

Need help, contact the Program Coordinator (coordinator@albertasocietyofartists.com) or call/text 403-265-0012.

Please note that the following form is best displayed on a computer screen. If viewing on mobile or tablet, please note the scroll bar at the bottom of the form section.