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© Yuriko Kitamura Born to take the highway

Yuriko Kitamura


Artist Statement

Underlying my painting is a reflection of my thought in everyday life. Subjects are my tool to express my thought, and I want to go beyond what I see. I try to capture the energy of matter in my brush stroke.

Life is like a river, a tiny stream that flows towards the Ocean, merging, crashing, and changing as it moves along, then it evaporates and become rain. nurturing all matter.

The process of creative painting is like a journey through a river. 

After painting with watercolours for few years I started experimenting with watercolour on rice paper. I grew with rice paper and love the feel of it. Through trial and error, I developed “wet on wet” technique on rice paper, different from oriental dry paper painting. I use dye and other pigment on rice which has a non-uniform  texture that causes pigment to blead and react chemical ways, give to texture to image itself.

Often I apply melted wax to make hard edges, which blocks the flow of the liquid. I developed and taught this mixed medium painting.

But my primary work is done on location in pen, pencil and watercolour sketches. Despite the physical and visual demand, for me nothing can replace the sense of wholeness nature provides, small, sound and tranquility.


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