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Wild Alberta

A Solo Exhibition of:

Acrylic Paintings & Giclée Prints on Canvas


Exhibition Dates

February 1st – 28th, 2023



Calgary Central Public Library

 800 3 St SE,

Calgary, AB

T2G 2E7

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 11th, 2023

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM



The Alberta Society of Artists is proud to present Wild Alberta by Laara Cassells.

Her current series depicts images of Alberta wildlife. She has been taking photos of wolves and foxes and their habitats around Alberta and is fortunate to have the opportunity to observe an abundance of wildlife around her ranch in central Alberta.

As with human portraiture, Laara wishes to portray each animal as an individual with its own unique personality. She tries to bring each creature alive for the viewers so that they get the feeling that they have shared with her a momentary magical encounter with the animal themselves.

The Artists

“I have a passion for painting portraits whether of a human or an animal. I often work in series where I can develop a theme over time and I enjoy telling stories with my paintings.”

LAARA CASSELLS is a contemporary Canadian painter best known for her representational paintings and portraits. Since 2010 her award-winning work has been shown in over 120 exhibitions worldwide.

Previously a professional theatre designer, Laara Cassells has designed sets and costumes for theatre, ballet, opera and film for numerous companies across Canada and Europe.

More recently, Laara has exhibited paintings, drawings and sculptures in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland and across the USA and Canada. Her work was selected for Nordart 2013 in Germany as the sole representative for Canada.

See more on Laara’s website: www.laaracassellsart.com

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