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Rachelle Ymay Skilling



I studied Drawing as my major while attending AUArts in Calgary, Alberta. I graduated in 2003.
I have exhibited my art at the New Edward Gallery , Art Point Gallery, Huffman-Nykies, and the Art Gallery of Alberta. I love to participate in the Comic and Zine fair at the AGA in Edmonton and in Calgary with Panel 1.
Currently I am working on two graphic novel stories revolving around Motherhood and Grief. I like to balance my writing practice with painting . I am experimenting with various glow in the dark materials to see which medium glows best. I believe in continuing to educate and learn in the direction that my art practice leads me.
As well as talking about Art, graphic novels, colours and matriarchal feminism. I also like to to talk with my husband on our podcast called ‘TipTapTip’. We are slightly obsessed with the Eurovision song contest and we like to talk about it! With over 500 episodes we are still enjoying discussing music, pop culture, our lives and other things we find fun!
My hobbies include reading graphic novels, books, art books, walking and talking, biking and playing piano. Sometimes I enjoy gardening, depending on the weed situation and a jump in the pool is always fun.

Artist Statement

I create my art to have a voice. To make visual, to the viewer, what it’s like to be a mother, in this day and at my age.
An art piece usually begins with something I want to talk about or feel passionate about or that I find humorous. My artwork can be perceived by the audience the same way a story is shared from a friend to a friend; by looking, listening, observing and sometimes reading what the story is. I hope my art instigates conversations with people, so they will share their own stories with each other.
I believe my art fits into the contemporary art world where there is storytelling, mythology and narrative art. Artists such as Frida Kahlo, Maud Lewis, Alice Neel and graphic novelists such as Keiler Roberts, Craig Thompson, Richard Mcquire, Theresa Wong and Tom Hart are a great inspiration to me.

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