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Natural Obscurity

A Small Group Exhibition of:

Photographic Works


Paula Hager, Danielle Edwards & Timothy Kozlik


Exhibition Dates

March 4, 2023 –

April 29, 2023



Alberta Society of Artists

Lower Gallery (North Side)

1235 26 Ave SE,

Calgary, AB

T2G 1R7


These artists have come together to blend their ideas of nature’s beauty by capturing nature through the abstraction of photographic techniques. Many times, in landscape photography, the most desired images are the crispest, the most whole, and the most beautifully coloured. As a group they desire to show nature through a different lens, as a way to consider how the obscurity of abstraction can aid us in looking outwards while also allowing us to be drawn back into the work affecting how humanity views their environment.

The Artists

In the Artists’ Words, “The world around us is so vast, it surrounds and encapsulates humanity. Nature encourages us to slow down and consider the message that it presents for us to discover. The trees stretch taller, reaching into the clouds, and the aging mountains wrap their unforgiving arms around all those who venture into their reach. The world is a vast and ever-changing environment that holds many questions for humanity. Sometimes we must slow down to look at what is closest to us, and sometimes we must look at the world from far away to find the answers to the questions that nature provides us. Our own size requires a degree of skill to explore, as a small and unnoticeable species we are considered a footnote in the grand scheme of the universe.”

All Three artists are studying at the Alberta University for the Arts (AUarts, previously known as ACAD), you can more of all their work on Instagram; Paula Hager @structure_shelter_story, Daniell Edwards @artistically.danielle, and Timothy Kozlik @timothykozlik.