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Meghan Kim



Meghan Kim graduated with Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Calgary in 2013 and attended University of Alberta where she received Bachelor of Fine Arts specialized in painting in 2001. She was a recipient of Tim Mara Graduate Student Exchange Programme at Royal Collage of Art in London UK where she studied in 2012. MFA thesis “Andante: The Spirit of Prairies” was published in the University of Calgary in 2013. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, both group and solo, in Canada, South Korea, and the USA.
Her works are privately owned in Canada, UK, USA and South Korea.
Meghan currently lives and practices in Calgary, Canada.

Artist Statement

Painting is a meditative and self reflecting activity for myself. My mind is set in a calm and quiet moment to focus on painting. I seek for the sense of stillness, calmness, timelessness and serenity to create a contemplative moment of comfort and healing in the minimal, simple yet formless images using monochromatic colours. The tactility of the hand sewn lines on the canvas and the multiple layers of colour may not be always visible, but the materiality is perceivable in the solitary atmosphere.

What I try to create in my works is the mind garden where viewers can visually rest. The idea is similar to the principles of Zen gardens, in which the emphasis of the self awareness lies on a simple, tranquil, empty, serene and calm place in relation with nature. There is no form and tension in my painting but a sense of presence. Mindful presence is not something visually tangible but emotionally perceptible. I invite viewers to pause, be mindful and sentimental of what they see to connect with their sensitive mind and the experience from nature.

I also invite the viewers to come closer to find the balance between the art piece and its surrounding. My painting is not overwhelming in size yet it is approachable. The intimacy of the small artwork encourages the viewers be aware of infinite possibilities to imagine beyond the boundary of the frame to picture bigger with abstract minds. I hope that viewers can appreciate the mindful energy from the simplicity and stillness from my works to remain calm in search of tranquility and comfort.

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