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Jayne Willoughby



Jayne Willoughby has been working as an artist, teacher and life/performance coach for over 30 years. Her textile works have appeared annually in National and International exhibitions since 1990, where she has won awards for design and technical skill. Her textile and mixed media works appear in public and private collections in Canada and the USA.

Artist Statement

Jayne Willoughby works with textiles and mixed media painting and drawing. She continues to be inspired by her early life on the southern Alberta prairies. Her textiles focus on exploring spareness in composition and use of neutral color palettes. Jayne’s fascination and exploration of the human condition appear in the obsessive mark-making, and a visual process of revealing things hidden in her mixed media paintings and drawings. She has recently focused on a series of mixed media drawings and paintings exploring the ways humans hide the shadow parts of themselves from others.
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