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Feeling the West

by jack Blair


January 20 - March 20, 2021

ASA Gallery - Mezzanine

Suite 222, 1235 26 Ave SE,
Calgary, AB T2G 1R7 – MAP


Hours of operation

Currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Join Jack Blair for a virtual walk through of his solo exhibit!
This event will go live on Feb. 6, 2021 at 10:30 AM Edmonton
You can join this Zoom Event by clicking the button below or by typing this Meeting ID in Zoom: 856 1762 6930

This exhibition is a part of EXPOSURE Photography Festival. Admission is free.

The ‘West’, as we refer to it in Canada, includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia (BC).  I’ve lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC, so when I ‘feel the west’, I think of those three provinces.

‘Feeling’ the west is different from ‘seeing’ the west.

Some viewers of this exhibit will be looking to see if there are any images that meet their aesthetic criteria.  I hope they see some that meet their expectations.

Others will look at some of the images and, with only a glance, feel something that brings back an experience or stirs a memory that has meaning for them.  They may step back and spend more time in front of the image that grabbed them, but their mind will be elsewhere—feeling the emotions evoked by the experience that the image brings to mind.

This is an exhibit of western landscapes.  Residents from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC can be placed in any of them and look like they belong.

Journeying from the seas of grain, through the mountains, to the ocean seas, each person who connects with these images will feel something different.

Image courtesy of Jack Blair.