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Fascination Station

A Solo Exhibition Presented by:



Arianna Richardson


Exhibition Dates

February 15 –

April 5, 2023



TREX Hallway Gallery

Alberta Society of Artists Galleries

222 – 1235 26 Ave SE,

Calgary, AB

T2G 1R7


This body of work is an exploration of superficiality, distraction, reflection, emotional blockages, consumerism, accumulation, and waste.   

As the artist describes, “Everything you see here is composed entirely of plastic: a material that I am endlessly attracted to for its shape-shifting mimicry and limitless supply of exciting surface qualities.  As a toxic, uncontainable, and grossly over-produced material, it is also repulsive and surrounds me with dread and despair.  It is between opposites that I have created these objects: working to both deflect and deal with my own conflicting attitudes in a time of vast uncertainty, inexpressible emotions, and constant horror. 

Most of the plastic here is the result of my own consumption habits (discarded packaging) or collected from the thrift store (abandoned craft supplies and decorations). In the time spent handcrafting with plastic waste material, I work through my own climate-crisis anxiety, frustration, and despair, each dangling assemblage creating an imaginary, handmade world in which humorous and absurd individual actions can make a difference against the gigantic environmental catastrophe we currently find ourselves in.”

Arianna Richardson will be leading a free workshop in making decorative flowers from discarded plastic packaging on Saturday, 18 March 2023, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


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The Artist

Arianna Richardson is a sculptor, performance artist, sewist, and mother from Lethbridge, AB in Treaty 7 territory. She is a lifelong crafter and thrift-store enthusiast, constantly collecting plastic-based trash and discarded craft materials. Richardson sometimes performs under the pseudonym, The Hobbyist, taking her hobby-craft pursuits outdoors to activate public spaces and talk to people about trash. While she isn’t making art, Arianna works as Lead Preparator at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and as a sessional instructor teaching Spatial Practice at the University of Lethbridge.

Richardson holds a BFA (2013) in Studio Arts from the University of Lethbridge and an MFA (2018) from NSCAD in Halifax, NS. Her new book, Garbage Party: A Collection of Thoughts About Trash, was self-released in March 2021.

Check out www.ariannarichardson.ca for more.

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