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Family & Other Strangers

A Solo Exhibition of:

works from

“Friends and Family from the Back”

and “Making Faces”


Janice Sich


Exhibition Dates

March 4, 2023 –

April 29, 2023



Alberta Society of Artists

Lower Gallery (South Side)

1235 26 Ave SE,

Calgary, AB

T2G 1R7


I choose to paint some subjects from the back as it eliminates the unsettling need for posing as there would be if I captured them from the front. These candid, figurative images show people relaxed and at ease. We are led to follow their gaze into the image, as they share their thoughts. Some of these images connect to us in emotional or humorous ways. “Making Faces” is a series of oil painting portraits on canvas. The series depicts people making either silly faces or expressing their emotions, from serious to angry, to aghast; sensitive to sad. A few of the faces are of Albertans, while the others are those of citizens of Kelowna, BC. All of these images, family, friends, and some strangers, share a common thread of relating to their surroundings and/or their emotions.


The Artists

Upon graduating from the Alberta College of Art (and Design) with a 4-year diploma in Applied Arts, in 1974, Janice Sich worked over 30 years as a graphic, glass, and furniture artist. It wasn’t until 2009 that she started oil painting.

“I had been carrying around art supplies for years, and my oils were still intact, so I started with some oils that I had for 35 years.” She started painting landscapes reflecting the grand sights in the Okanagan. “The painting process relies on honing my observation skills, drawing me closer to nature, colour, light, and shadow; it affirms my individuality while reflecting on the past through memories of a place, memories of emotions and tactile experiences; it anchors me to the present, and at the same time it connects me to life through immediate and reflective study.”

Janice made the transition from landscapes to portraiture by first incorporating people in her landscapes to then painting a series, “Friends and Family from the Back”. Her confidence grew, and she subsequently started painting portraits of people making faces, hence her series, “Making Faces”, which premiered at The Alternator Gallery in Kelowna, BC. Since then, she has done figurative commission work. “The great thing about painting is that I’m always learning something new and being mindful. Hopefully through painting I’m growing more brain cells!”

Her work is in homes in BC, AB, ON, Great Britain, Middle East, and the United States. She has been in many juried shows in Western Canada and won awards for her efforts. To see a body of her work go to Instagram: fine_art_jan