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Emerging Artists Unleashed

EAU: 2022

EAU 2022 Submissions & Scholarship Applicants

One of the goals of the Alberta Society of Artists is to work closely with emerging young artists in the province. The ASA offers educational opportunities to student artists in the form of annual scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Students have the opportunity to help exhibitions management in Edmonton, Calgary and around the province as the ASA offers hands-on experience for students to expand their art education outside of the classroom!

You can find the  Scholarship reciepients, their work and the entirety of the EAU: 2022 Exhibition further down on this page.


Please note: Images are not ordered based on Blind Jury results. Click on gallery images to enlarge.



The Scholarships


Every year the ASA awards two undergraduate students a scholarship of $1000 each. This year we had an unprecedented number of candidates with close to 30 applications. Our blind jury selected two students whose submitted work stood out from the many excellent and thoughtful submissions.  Additionally, the jury selected one artwork from each submission to be included in this exhibition.


The ASA also awards one graduate student a scholarship of $1000. This year we had close to 10 applications. Our blind jury was then tasked with reviewing the body of work submitted by each applicant and selecting one student to recieve the scholarship. This year we also have included one piece from each Graduate student in the exhibition, based on the Jury’s review.

Undergraduate & Graduate

Scholarship Recipients

Click on an image to view winner’s submissions.

Undergraduate Scholarship Awardee

Amanda Komarniski

Undergraduate Scholarship Awardee

Vivian Smith

Graduate Scholarship Awardee

Lisa Mayes

Exhibition of