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Denis Gadbois



Denis Gadbois is the Head of the Department of Art at the University of Calgary. He has a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, and a BDI fromUniversity of Montreal (industrial design). His design teaching career started in 1987 at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. Denis has had a long history at the University of Calgary, but only recently joined the Faculty of Arts. He has pent a good deal of his career in the former Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), which is now known as the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL). As a member of EDVS he taught product design, multimedia studio, 3D scanning technique, and 360 panorama photography. After his move to the Department of Art as a Senior Instructor, he carried over many of these teaching areas, especially photography. Denis’ primary artistic focus is in 360 photography, and he has won numerous international awards for this work.

Artist Statement

My photograph work present everything all around me at once, in vivid color, in light – up, down, left, right, all-around – an inspiring 360° perspective constructed liked a world atlas and unfurled before you. Each work is examined with my designer eyes, balancing relationships between the environment and my artistic perspective. This perspective is also challenged by playing with various projection of the world.